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Larry Greene - Songwriter, Musician, Performer

Larry Greene has recorded many albums over the years and his work has been widely received in the movie, telavision and music industry. Larry's songwriting and music abilities can be found on numerous soundtracks such as "Top Gun", "Over The Top", "Mystic Pizza", "The Neverending Story II" and many more.

Fortune was the first of Larry "L.A." Greene's bands to be signed to a recording label. Later, recording artists such as Big City and Harlan Cage would be formed with Larry Greene as one of the front runners.

July 2022 - The "All Important Backstory" July 5, 2022

Top Gun Maverick: BonusTrack FORTUNE's "Level Ground" featuring singer Larry Greene

June 2022 - Album Review: "Level Ground" By Fortune (9/10)

It's been a minute (actually decades) between studio albums, but brothers Richard and Mick Fortune are back for this latest venture with veteran lead vocalist Larry Greene is also on board.

May 2022 - New Jersey Guys Podcast with L.A. Greene of Fortune out April 17, 2022

Larry talks about all the Fortune and Harlan Cage albums as well as his career as a soundtrack musician for film and TV with The Jersey Guys on their new podcast. Listen to the podcast here.

February 2022 - New Fortune Studio Album Out April 8, 2022

Larry is pleased to announce a new Fortune studio album "LEVEL GROUND" due April 8, 2022 on Frontiers SRI Records. The new single & video for the title track was shared on February 2nd, 2022. Watch the video here.

June 2020 - Fortune Announce New Live Album & Video "The Gun's Still Smokin' Live" Out August 07, 2020

A rare live set performed at the Frontiers Rock Festival in April, 2019 will be released as "The Gun's Still Smokin" Live," a CD/DVD, on August 07, 2020. Watch a performance of "Freedom Road" from the band's set here.

February 2020 - Interview: Larry Greene "Chemistry, an intangible thing that makes a memorable record"

Together with bandmates Richard Fortune, Mick Fortune and Dave de Le'n, Larry Green has emerged sucessfully, regardless of the break Fortune was in.

2016 October - "Thrill of it All"

"From the much anticipated reunion with the band Fortune, L.A. Greene performs their opening song "Thrill of it All", live at The Rockingham Music Festival in Nottingham England on October, 23 2016.

2016 February - "Always Young"

From an upcoming summer release by one of Europe and Japan's favorite bands - Larry joins New York rock guitarist Todd Mihan in this classic rocker "Always Young".


2014 August - New Songs for upcoming cable show

Here are two new songs that Larry did for an upcoming cable show. The songs are based around the time after the Civil War. Just click the songs below and you will be take'n to YouTube to hear them. Enjoy!

1. Larry Greene / Peter Atanasoff - Rock Razor & Gun

2. Larry Greene / Todd Mihan - Chariot Of Fire

2013 June - New film "Frozen Ground"

Bill Zucker from the Kelsey Grammer Comedy Hour joined L.A. Greene on the red carpet in Beverly Hills on 6/8/2013. Larry recently wrote and performed a song for the new Nick Cage, John Cusack film "Frozen Ground" soon to be released world-wide.
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Larry Greene's music career has spanned decades. He is a songwriter and perfomer. Among his many accomplishments include songs written and performed by Larry for the movies "Top Gun", "Over the Top", and "Mystic Pizza"...
Larry Greene with Fortune

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Larry Greene with Harlan Cage

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